Elected Officials

New Holstein's city government is operated as a Mayor-City Council form of government. New Holstein's mayor is elected every two years in April.
The City Council is comprised of eight aldermen, four of which are elected each April to serve terms of two years.

City Council meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.


Richard Snelson

Phone: (920) 898-5766

Council President

Gene Woelfel

Phone: (920) 946-9590

Municipal Judge

Kelly Sippel

Phone: (920) 898-5766 Ext 124


1st Aldermanic District (Wards 1 & 2)

Daniel Watson

Phone: (920) 483-0631
Email: [email protected]

Gene P. Woelfel

Phone: (920) 946-9590
Email: [email protected]

2nd Aldermanic District (Ward 3)

Paula Oakley

Phone: (920) 898-1697
Email: [email protected]

Robert Schermetzler

Phone: (920) 229-3481
Email: [email protected]

3rd Aldermanic District (Ward 4)

Bradley Hess

Phone: (920) 286-2032
Email: [email protected]

Becca Mosier

Phone: (920) 527-9480
Email: [email protected]

4th Aldermanic District (Ward 5)

Steven Abrams

Phone: (920) 456-9348
Email: [email protected]

Eric Mayer

Phone: (920) 464-0353
Email: [email protected]

Calumet County Supervisors

20th District

Brian Kolb

21st District

Ty Stuckmann